WHY must we innovate?

This is the video from the sixteenth in our series of virtual coffee breaks – designed to provide a caffeine-enriched forum for discussion amongst senior executives who might otherwise be going stir-crazy working from home. 

In a recent McKinsey survey, 90% of senior executives admitted that Covid will radically and irrevocably change the way they do business. With every aspect of commercial life now impacted by the global pandemic, there has never been a greater need to innovate and re-invent.  Whether you are an intrepid advocate of change or a cautious, risk-averse sceptic, this new series of half-hour briefings will guide you through the risks and rewards of the innovation landscape.

The topic for discussion this morning was ‘WHY must we innovate?’

Why are we hard-wired to resist change? Why is this the critical moment for re-invention? Why is disruption the single biggest threat to most companies? Why is speed so essential to success? We answer these (and many more) questions through the looking glass of revealing case studies.

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